• Noble character: the project of a private house with elements of style “chalet”

    Projects of houses in the traditional European style – quite common in our bustling time. And no wonder: they family home atmosphere and environment, time-tested. It’s a world where the past is connected to the noble hereby respectable and confident look in on the design Buduschee. Sudya statistics to pomposity “lock” the owners of private homes tend more and more rarely, these days to assert itself with the interior is no longer accepted. But not too standard parts, is found in the bowels of the traditional European style, just privetstvuyutsya. Dostoynoe among these are the elements of style chalets – a cozy cabin in the foothills of the Alps. We have already talked about the peculiarities of style chalets and 5 show the interiors of houses. So we will not repeat itself, and show a creative look at the chalet style of the Russian North stolitsyDizayner interior of the St. Petersburg Catherine Machneva – the constant participant of our digests and virtual tours, which is quite natural: it works are not only creative flight, but also practical and high-quality visualization, perfectly illustrating the invented idea. The large size of the private home, you’ll see in this issue, it does not embarrass, but rather inspired by the large number of original solutions. The basis, as you know, taken alpine style shale. Tem not less verbatim quote would not be too relevant, because this chalet – a rather compact housing, and most often consists of ground floor and a small attic, but here it was a spacious mansion several floors. That is why the First Lady used the most striking elements of style, surrounding them with a harmonious finish and matching items mebeli. Kamen and wood – materials typical of the style chalet in the Alps, they are used from time immemorial, ensuring a perfect neighborhood with the landscape. In this project, they are also solo, but given the strong energy of the materials used very wisely. Exquisite complement to them are forged metal on the chandeliers, rustic plaster and spectacular form proemov. Krome door, in an atmosphere of interwoven elements of a hunting lodge – in the form of skins, a French boudoir – in the luxurious master bedroom canopy, Provence – in the color palette of one of the bathrooms, ship-style – in a billiard room and the Mediterranean landscape – in basseyna. Osoboe attention is drawn to children’s rooms: two of them, but absolutely not similar to each other, and each is filled with unusual items, creating a small world play and skazki. Posmotrite 48 photorealistic images from the private project home with the elements of style chalet, spacious and cozy at the same time, traditional, yet original. Have a nice trip! (More…) Tags: draft of a private house, a chalet entries with the same label Private accommodation: rooms for entertaining hosts and guests, designs, Issue 66 Tales from the Vienna woods: the project of modern cottages with spectacular elements of the generic tree estate: a project in a private home European-style country music Petersburg Provence project a comfortable private home, inspired by French Country What tells the house: paint, style and detail in the interior of the cottage



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